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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You’ll never guess what I did this summer…

I did the unthinkable while on vacation.

I picked up a book.

I started reading it.

I finished it.

It was…. well, for me it was weird.

I am one of the few people I know and in my sphere of influence that is not an avid reader. I read the occasional marriage, parenting, or Christian living book. But reading is not something that I just do for pleasure. I guess because to me, it’s not… well, it’s not usually pleasant.

However, there was this book that I had seen on several people’s blogs and it seemed that a lot of people were reading it. So, when I saw that the lady under the umbrella next door had it with her on the beach, I just had to ask her about it. She said it was one of those that you just couldn’t put down. I corrected her that I certainly could put any good book down and she looked at me and said emphatically, “Not this one.”

OK. I get it. Sold.

Mike and I went to the bookstore that afternoon during naptime so that we each could get a book. He got some spy novel thing… you know, Ludlum or Clancy or someone like that.

I got The Shack. I didn’t know the author. I didn’t even know that it was Christian fiction. All I knew was the title.

After I finished it five minutes later, my mother-in-law asked how it was. I thought about it and it seems funny to say, but this is what I came up with:

Not knowing anything about it when I started it, I didn’t really have any expectations. But, at the same time, it wasn’t what I expected.

It really was good. And what was interesting was all the different levels of theology that were thrown in. Ideas that are just kind of tossed out there for you to think and mull over. I’d say it is especially good for anyone who has experienced a loss that they’ve had a difficult time reconciling. But as I told a friend, you’d have to read it once there was some time-space between you and the loss. I can’t imagine reading it with emotions still raw from a loss.

So all-in-all, The Shack… a good read and an interesting perspective. It'll definitely make you think a little. And God may just use one or two of the ideas to speak to you, right where you are. Two thumbs up.


Tiffany said...

This is so funny. The guy that wrote it is local here where I live. Tons of people have raved about it. My own father for one. My sister. My friend Sarah.

I am an avid reader. I tried to get through it for about 5 months! I finally decided it wasn't worth the pressure of forcing myself and I haven't even been trying the last month or so. I will probably pick it up again at some point,since so many people I love enjoyed it, but I am not going to force myself anytime soon.

And you say you are not an avid reader and you read it in 5 minutes and couldn't put it down.

Go figure!

Cristel said...

wow, if you can finish it i may just have to get it for my jamaica trip. although greg says i probably shouldn't read it because i don't do well with tragedy involving children.