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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Before and After

Well, it's time for our summer do's. Hair-do's that is.

Mike took Sarah to get her hair cut last Friday.



I just want to say that I do not like Sarah's haircut. I so much prefer it longer. I mean, she's had it short before, but it was a little longer than this. It looked so cute last year when it was just a little closer to her shoulders.

And it doesn't help that it's a hack-job of a hair cut.

Her favorite place to go is Fun-n-cuts which has games and movies and everything kid friendly. Except for people that know how to adequately give a little girl a haircut with some style.

Or even ends.

So now one to me... because we all know, it's really all about me.



This is pretty typical for me for the summer. It's not drastically different from what I had before... it's just quite a bit shorter. I like being able to get in the pool and not necessarily have to get my hair wet. I also like the quickness of the drying time.

Quickness is all relative I suppose. And when you have more hair on your head than most lions, drying time is important. I've been known to go through 2 hair dryers in a year. They just can't handle it.

I got home and my man says, "Oh, you got your hair cut!" All sounding like the "pays attention to that kind of thing" husband.

Don't try to pretend, dear... I know better.

He knew I was getting my hair cut because he got home early from being out of town and picked up the kids for me whilst the cutting was happening.

My man is notorious for not noticing when I get my hair cut. Not long after we began kind of seeing each other toward the end of our freshman year at A&M, I got a bunch of inches cut off my hair. Did he say one thing about it?


He swears that he noticed when I got my hair cut one time in our LBK. He was picking me up from work (we carpooled together) and says he didn't recognize it was me at first. But I still don't think he said anything.

I'll give him credit for this, though... he knows what Jimmy Choos are. And really, that's all that matters.


Brittany said...

Note to Donna: Don't let Mike take Sarah to get her hair cut. (hee!) Daddies aren't usually good a the details.

I think it's cute, but like it the middle length better too.

I also like your cut. The same, yet shorter. I like it both ways. Yay for you!

Martina said...

I think Sarah looks cute with the short hair. I'm sure the picture does not do justice to the bad cut. But from North Carolina you can't tell :)