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Monday, June 23, 2008

Sometimes I think I make a bad female

I was out running some errands on Saturday which included a trip to Costco to get some essentials. You know, like a beach mat and beach chair for our upcoming trip to Destin.

Oh, and milk for the kids.

While I was in that area of town, and since gas is $500/gallon, I decided to stop at a couple of other places while I was out. One of those stops was to exchange a pair of sunglasses that were missing a screw. It wasn't just loose... it was gone. Sounds familiar. But I digress.

While I was stopped, I noticed that there was an Ulta right next door. Noticing recently, as I was rubbing my face a lot last week during VBS, that the texture of my skin seemed a bit off, I decided to stop in and see if there was something I just couldn't live without.

Oh, y'all... I nearly had a panic attack in there. There were all these brands and choices of masks, microdermabrasion, peels, etc..... and on and on.... I just couldn't handle it.

I told my man that I felt inept as a woman because of the whole ordeal and he said it's just because it's not my thing.

Hmmm... now there's a funny thought. Beauty products are not my thing.

It's funny because I'm so incredibly vain, it's not funny at all.

With enough financial resources and time to heal and recover, there's no telling what I'd have nipped, tucked, lifted, and implanted. Well, maybe not implanted... but I'll not rule anything out.

The whole thing was actually really sweet. Y'all, he told me I have a great complexion and am naturally beautiful without makeup.

What a mighty good man I've got!

Because he realizes that although I may not get giddy over the latest and greatest deep pore cleansning loofa scrub thing, I might be tempted towards a pair of Jimmy Choos in the right size. Drop me in DSW Shoe Warehouse and it's pretty close to heaven for me.

Because really, a nice pair of shoes can be a work of art.

So, I guess I'm not a bad female after all.


Kay said...

Those are pretty! Although I broke my foot wearing flip-flops. Don't even want to think of what I'd break wearing those! LOL I'm a Birkenstock girl now!