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Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay - I don't really think I'm a potty mouth. And I don't post any content that I think would be questionable.

So WHY on earth would my Internet parental control program thing block me from seeing my own blog for heaven's sake?


You have got to be kidding me.

Obviously I was finally able to get on, but come on.

I've been blocked from some of the most bizarre sites with this parental control thing.

I've been blocked from pages on a city's website as I was trying to find out where to mail my "no contest" plea for a ticket. I've also been blocked from the Adult Ministries page of our church's website.

And you know, realistically, I don't let my kids use my laptop, so why do I have parental controls on this computer?

Oh yeah, there was that one incident when parental controls would have been helpful...

There is a particular sporting goods store that is really neat. We first encountered this chain of stores when we lived in Virginia. Now they are here in Texas. Dick's Sporting Goods.

Well, back at Christmas of 2004, we got some money and decided to buy some exercise equipment with it... specifically an elliptical trainer. A wonderful investment by the way. I still use it almost every day... we definitely got our money's worth out of it.

Mike and I were each doing some research to figure out exactly what we wanted. So, at some point in this process I needed to go out to their (the sporting goods store I mentioned earlier) website to look at something concerning a particular elliptical trainer that we were interested in.

The smartie that I am, I thought I knew their web address and just typed it in - the first word in the name dot com. (Do you need me to spell it out, 'cuz I'd rather not right now... it's too embarrassing)

Oh my, the awfulness of what popped up on my screen... talk about vile... I had nightmares for a week.

And what did my darling husband do?

He laughed until he almost peed in his pants.

Just like he did this evening when I was blocked from my own blog.



annie's eyes said...

A few years ago, I had to take off all filters on my computer to be able to research a book about young girls. You can imagine...there was a lot to wade through. I truly was more enlightened though I preferred to be protected. I am sad for our kids on this issue. The public library by the way, refuses to use filters. It's a crazy world. Wonder what triggered your site to be off-limits? Did you figure it out? Love to you, Annette

Michelle V said...

I've had it happen to me misspelling things when I tried to enter the web address and it was things you would never ever think would bring up a site like that!

Kay said...

Too funny! I have done the exact same thing with a couple of other words and oh my!!! But look at it this way... you're keeping the hubby entertained! LOL

Thanks for the comment. Its hard being the new kid on the blog block and you made my day! : )

Bridgette said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I post(or try to)every couple of days. Right now, I'm in the middle of writing curriculum for our Kidzone Krazy Kamp, which is VBS, so I've been a little busy! I can tell you know something about that! Hopefully, tomorrow I'll post something new.

But I just had to say, this post was hilarious! I had that happen to me one time! I was the GA leader at my church and was trying to get to the website. Well, my husband was the RA leader and thier website was royalambassors. com. okay. So I type in girls in action. com. well, you know the rest. Of course, I almost had a heart attack and was flippen' out trying to get out of the screen as fast as I could! I was so afraid that one of my kids were going to walk in! My darling Husband laughed at me as well, and said, Well, what in the world were you thinking?!!
HELLO! I don't think that way!

It is so easy though to pull something like that up. We have to be so careful, because I would hate for my kids to see that. We have our computer in the living room and monitor when they are on it, but still, it only takes one wrong keystroke. It saddens me.