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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's all a little too real

I have never been able to fully watch an episode of “The Office.” For some reason, the style of the show just isn’t my thing.

I’m finding lots of things that aren’t “my thing” lately. I wonder why that is.

But I digress.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve lived the office life for too long and seeing it portrayed on television is just too awkward and painful for me.

Here’s a classic example.

We got a new copier in my office this week. It is a thing of beauty. If I wouldn’t feel completely WEIRD, I’d take a picture to show you.

New office equipment is very exciting in the life of an admin assistant. I actually got a spring in my step on Friday afternoon when I got here and realized we were getting a new copier. It’s like the 3 year old that gets remote controlled motorcycles for his birthday and must play with them immediately… it’s a new toy. And it’s all very exciting.

However, I’m a little nervous as well.

I have a history with copiers. And not a pleasant one.

Just ask any administrative staff at my church (where I also used to be admin staff). Copiers and I tend to not get along very well.

But I have high hopes for this relationship. Because not only is it functional, but it’s attractive. It’s black and grey and very sleek looking. And we all know how important looks are. Something about skin deep is ringing a bell, but I’m not sure.

It looks so fancy that we are expecting it to be voice activated. Or that it will bring our copies to us. Or even a Blizzard (because you all know how I love my DQ). As one of the guys described it, “It’s like R2D2 on steroids.” Well, R2D2 served drinks in Return of the Jedi. Couldn’t he bring me a Blizzard?

So, one of the guys was in there trying to make a copy this morning. He's using the fancy-shmancy touch pad and the rest of us were standing around, watching in great anticipation. We cheered when the copy finally came out.

The moment was a little Dilbert-esque. And it was a little too real.


Kay said...

Too funny! Sometimes I feel like the only one out there that doesn't get 'The Office'. I feel better now. : )

Copiers scare me. I make the hubs go to the copy place and push all the buttons. Whatever happened to 'put the paper in and press ONE button and out pops the copy'. dunno. I can't believe that I manage to blog.. with occasional help from the hubby.. when I break out in a sweat at the copy store! LOL