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Friday, June 20, 2008

Foodie Friday - VBS

VBS wouldn't be the same with out certain things. One of those things is food.

It is something that we as Southern Baptists deeply believe in.

Right up there with the whole God and Jesus thing.

What I'm saying is that food is important.

And kids' snacks at VBS, well, they're in a class all their own.

You know there's a test that any food must pass in order to be considered as a VBS snack. Just a couple of questions that one must ask herself before seriously considering serving something as a snack at VBS. A) Is it loaded with sugar? AND 2) Does it have any redeeming nutritional value?

If you answered "Yes" and "No" (in that order) then you've got yourself a VBS snack.

Because you are assured that any child coming your way will love what you're serving.

Except possibly for mine.

It rained on Thursday morning. The first time in the 8 or so years I've been involved in VBS at our church that we haven't been able to line up outside and march in. The kids had to just come directly into the Worship Center. And of course, recreation and snacks were inside as well.

During snack time that day, my princess was standing out away from the class. I passed by and asked her why. Apparently she didn't like the snack that was being served. Actually, to be more accurate, she didn't even like the smell of it and didn't want to be anywhere near it.

It's not like it was liver and onions, folks.

We're talking about what looked to me to be Goldfish crackers and Gardetto's in little baggies.

Seriously. We know for a fact that the child loves Goldfish crackers. And who doesn't like Gardetto's?!?

I can tell you one person and apparently her name is Sarah.

But now, here's the good stuff. The teacher/worker break room; it is a fixture in our VBS, without which we would have no teachers. We have an incredible kitchen leader and staff that cook up some great stuff along with what members of the church bring in. It keeps our sweet teachers so happy.

The main event came on Wednesday...

Crab Puffs!!! Regardless of the theme, every year they make crab puffs. They are the reason why some of our teachers come and teach at all. If there were no crab puffs, there would be a revolt. I would be sitting in the worship center with 3 other directors, a Children's Pastor and a Preschool Pastor with a whole mess of kids because there would be no teachers.

Oh, I kid. My sweet husband would be there to help. Mainly because he's not a crab fan.

Do you understand how important they are?

Okay... just so you REALLY get it...

One year, our kitchen staff decided to wait until Friday to make them. Kind of as an end of the week treat. By Wednesday, we literally had teachers that were getting a little upset.

The crab puffs... they are an institution.

As is Vacation Bible School. A wonderful event in the life of our church every summer when children from all over the area come and hear about our precious Jesus...

... and of course eat some great food!


Lolly said...

Do you have the receipe? They look so good, and anything crab is my favorite!

Cristel said...

Sarah cracks me up. You taking pictures of the snacks is funny to me too for some reason. In my opinion snacks rock. I'm helping with snacks at our church's VBX this year. It's almost the most important thing there!

lori said...

My kiddies just finished VBS to, Man my girl would have loved those crab cakes