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Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer doesn't have to mean time-off

Since the time he was born I've sung to my little man before putting him in his crib. Now-a-days, he asks me to come sing a song with him. But my standard of "Jesus Loves Me" doesn't always do the trick.

Son: Sing a different song.

Mom: Which song do you want to sing?

Son: The different song.

Oh, okay. I know just the one you're talking about.

So the other night we were going through this same routine and he asked me about my necklace.

Son: What's that?

Mom: It's my necklace.

Son: But what's that on your necklace?

Mom: It's a cross. You know, like Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

This is where I almost spew milk out of my nose laughing so hard... I guess if I were drinking milk...

As a point of explanation: I try to lead my kids to the right answer sometimes by prompting them with the first sound of the w____ (word).

Mom: And then, on the third day he was a____...

Son: A big boy.

Mom: A-live.

This went on for a few more sentences and I can't for the life of me remember all the cute sentence endings he came up with. But after a moment he seemed to get serious and he said to me...

Son: The soldiers cut Jesus body.

Mom: Yes, they did. They hurt him a lot.

Son: Yeah... they hurt him. The soldiers cut Jesus body.

I know he had to learn this at BSF in the preschool program because we did just finish studying Matthew. You know, we go to BSF once a week, and we've been done with it for 3 weeks now (at the time I originally wrote this on 6/4/08). I am constantly amazed at what he takes in and what he remembers. They don't baby these kids and I love volunteering in the preschool program at BSF. It's not just childcare... it is Bible teaching time. Yes, they play, but the principles of that day's story are interwoven through the entire morning and God plants those seeds of faith into them.

If you've got preschoolers, I'd highly recommend finding a day women's class of BSF to attend along with your preschooler (age 2-5). Not only will God grow you through it, but He will surely grow your kids.

And I really can't wait until Nathan is out of the preschool program and he, Sarah and I can all attend an evening class together. I hear the evening children's program is great also.

But for now, my little man continues to ask when we're going back to Bible Study. He doesn't want to take the summer off. And neither do I.