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Friday, June 6, 2008

Foodie Friday - The Fireman Birthday Cake

This week's edition of Foodie Friday is consumed (pun intended) by my little man's 3rd birthday cake. We're going to the local fire station tomorrow morning with a very few little friends of his. So, a fireman cake was in order.

I had several options from a fireman's helmet to building a 3-D fire engine or purchasing a flat fire engine cake pan. But I decided to go a completely different route.

I made a building that is on fire with Matchbox emergency vehicles all around it. This way, the fire engines and associated vehicles serve as party favors for the children (since I'm not big on just sending them home with a bag 'o junk as I call them).
I'm tired and just made it under the wire for this to actually be a Foodie Friday post. So, I'll let the pictures say the rest. I may post a step by step anatomy of the cake at some point later if anyone is interested.




lori said...

WOW what a cake!!

Kelly Vaughn said...

This is so impressive...and the invitations too!! I bet the party was a blast. We love making a big deal at birthdays and we always put a lot of work into it with no regrets!! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I am SO impressed!

I'm one of your Siestas, getting to meet you in San Antonio in a couple of months. Just wanted to drop by to say hello!

Momma 2 5 said...

Great work Donna! Thanks for the cake decorating advice! Have a great day!

Michelle V said...

That cake is awesome! You are very talented!