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Friday, October 10, 2008


There is no other word for what I am feeling right now. Y'all just HAVE to read this post at Beyond This Moment about the booklet she won in the giveaway I did here a month ago.

Y'all, our GOD... He is some kind of AWESOME!!!


Melinda said...


Awestruck doesn't even BEGIN to scratch the surface.

Our God reigns.

Brittany said...

Ok. THAT is just AWESOME! Isn't it amazing when we're so awestruck over what God does when, in reality, this is what He's in the business of doing?!? He's GOD! He formed our universe! The cool part? He knows OUR adress too! I love it!

Thank you, Donna, for being willing to be used of God by sending that booklet. Thank you, to your friend who should have received it for being willing to be used of God. Thank you, GOD, for being faithful and loving and providing divine encounters.

I have chills. The God of OUR universe loves us enough to show us! Whoa!

Sarah said...

WOW!!!! He is so good to go after that lost sheep and bring her home!

Kay said...

Wow! God *is* soo good to do this.. beyond what you could have known!

Keal said...

Praise God!!!
How absolutely incredible and perfect that God would use you and Bethany for this mission. I also find it very affirming that He used the Purpose booklet for this task given how much we have searched to know His purpose in our lives.
Praise God! Never forget this blessing and testimony.

ForHisGlory said...

Goofy and fun!!! LOL...I so enjoed m time with you! and this post moved m heart! Love you

Tiffany said...

Wow, that is so wonderful. Bethany lives in my neck of the woods. But I promise, it wasn't me!