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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Expectations - Part 1

I work outside of my home. Did you know that?

I had certain expectations when I took this job and started working outside of my home once again last fall. Expectations of the job, of myself and for my family and my home.

As I have watched the one year anniversary of taking this job come and go within the last month (get a glimpse of my first day here), I am in a reflective mood and thinking about those expectations.

It’s hard to nail down what they were because, certainly, I never uttered what they were in speech or in writing. But clearly as I look back, they were there.

I have been thinking back to my last job. I worked when Sarah was little. From the time she was 1 year old until she was 3 ½ and we moved to Virginia. I worked 4 days a week – 2 longer and 2 shorter so that I could pick her up from preschool. I had Fridays off completely. It was a demanding job and I worked my share of extra hours. But I was paid hourly and rarely felt guilty for staying at home if Sarah was sick. If I wasn’t there, I didn’t get paid… and I was okay with that.

Fast forward to today. I work 4 days a week – 2 longer and 2 shorter so that I can pick the kids up from school. I have Wednesdays off completely. It’s not a terribly demanding job, but I work hard and put in extra hours when necessary. I am on salary and do feel guilty for staying home if one of the kids is sick.

These work situations sound fairly similar, do they not? That’s what I thought.

But here’s the deal. Back then, my house stayed relatively clean, we entertained company fairly regularly, and still worked on my scrapbooks on a very regular basis.

Now, I feel like it’s a major accomplishment to just get the laundry done so that we can all have clean clothes for the week a few days. I feel like my house never gets clean. I don’t scrapbook anymore. I only blog to help me get my thoughts out of my head and on to paper so that I stay sane.

What’s different?


I don't know how many parts there will be. I'm not done writing yet. But stay tuned (if you're interested, of course).


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

With Peter in Kindergarten this year and Sarah following next year, I'm trying to figure out what if any job I will do.

I'm interested in hearing the rest of your story!

Tiffany said...

If it makes you feel any better, I do not work outside the home and I still have these struggles. With me, I find that in order to get the most important things done, I have to be purposeful and make choices proactively. Not that I always do when I should, but I have found it helps if/when I do.

rusty'swife said...


First job- one child at least 2 extra hours in evey day.

Second job-two children and at least 5 less hours in every day.


Kay said...

My hat's always off to work outside the home moms. I never know how any of them do it! It's just hard!

Looking forward to the rest of your series. : )

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Girrrrl, I get you here, BIG TIME.

This year has been absolutely awful for having time (since the school year began). I homeschool but with a co-op and it is h-a-r-d.

I feel like I don't have any time for anything (like laundry, cleaning, cooking, ect. which are what I NEED to be doing, let alone reading and writing blogs, which I love. :(

Keep processing. I am interested...even though I can't guarantee I won't be reading about it a month from now...LOL!