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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend of girliness

I love my girlfriends.

I have several different sets of them, in fact. There's the church set, which by the way, I feel like I haven't seen in for-ev-ver. There's the quasi-church set that all come from different churches but make up our Friday night couples group. Then there's the college set.

It was the last group that I got to hang with this past weekend. And oh it was good.

We try to get together, just the girls, for one weekend during the year. It started out being twice a year, then we started having kids. You know how that goes.

We're an interesting bunch, really. We started out as a much larger group that met our freshman year in our dorm at Texas A&M... Leggett Hall. One dropped out our sophomore year, and seemed to even drop of the face of the earth. We've heard some things through our friend the grapevine about her chosen profession, so it's really quite possible that she did, in fact, fall off the face of the earth. One transferred out to go to another school and we lost touch. One married someone who just decided he didn't like some of us and she abruptly broke off all communications a few years ago.

So, after all these years, it's down to the four of us. We laugh and talk about our kids, about people we knew in college, about politics (although never too seriously, because we want to remain friends, you know), and about the sad state of the economy. We watch, yell, scream, and jump up and down during Aggie football games.

We marvel, even, that we are still alive after some of the stuff we did in college.

I was even the tame one - the goodie two-shoes of the group - and I think that it's a miracle that I'm still here.

And yet, we are. Here, that is. Alive and well.

Our weekend this year was spent in San Antonio where one of them lives. She, in fact, is pregnant with and fairly close to having twins. So we all travelled to her this time.

Our weekends rarely consist of a whole lot. So this one was typical.

We went to Alamo Cafe for dinner on Friday night. I had some incredible Chipotle Chicken enchiladas and some excellent guacamole. And I tell you, my friend Carrie can order a Margarita... she knows what she's doing. Even though our poor 12 year old looking waiter did not. He had the blankest look I think I have ever seen when she asked what kinds of tequila they had.

Saturday was partially spent watching the first half of the Aggies play Texas Tech. When we left at half-time to go to Sonic for a drink run and to check into a nail place nearby, the Ags were actually ahead. Once we saw the score, though, after half-time, we didn't even try to go back to watch the rest of the game. We needed retail therapy.

And I needed some flip-flops to show off my new toenails.

Prescription... La Cantera. Oh, now that's a beautiful mall. And it's where I found some beautiful flip-flops.

And would you believe I found them at Dillard's? I couldn't. Not every Dillard's has quite the shoe selection that this one did. I even found the pair of shoes that will go with the brown dress that I apparently need to buy for Mike's company Christmas... oh, excuse me, Holiday Party this year. Yes, I wanted to buy shoes for the dress I don't have yet.

It was at that point that I realized that I had to leave. I could no longer stand there in that shoe department and not spend money that I didn't need to spend.

Saturday evening we just hung out back at Beth's house and gabbed and watched Saturday Night Live.

You see? We don't do terribly exciting things. Seriously, most of the time was spent sitting around just being together. But it's just the being around one another that's so good.

Oh, I love these girlfriends.

And I can't wait until the next time we see each other.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

You've got to love a good girl's weekend!

I love the shoes and the pedicure and your friend that is pregnant with twins looks great!

I was waaaaay bigger than that and I was only carrying one baby!

Kim said...

LOVE the shoes! I'm forwarding this post to my daughter who has a thing for flip-flops. She wears them as much of the year as she can (living in Indiana that's about 8 months) and she owns at least a dozen pair. At least.

Michelle V said...

I LOVE the shoes! And boy could I go for a margarita right about now!


Chrissy said...

That sounds like so much fun! It's wonderful you still get together with friends from college. And I agree - the shoes are great!

Tiffany said...

Pedis are so decadent. Good for you for getting away with friends.