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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Confirm, Ignore or Block

I think I mentioned recently that I joined the Facebook community. I understand it about as much as I understand Twitter (aka not at all), but I'm doing it.

I do have to admit, though, that it's kind of fun to see my friends and their status updates... you know, what they're doing through-out the day. Let's see if I can remember some recent ones...

"Tabitha* is wondering when showering every day became a luxury."

"Glenda* is avoiding science curriculum writing."

"Joe* is wondering if Dish Network is really going to call him back like they promised."

And my personal favorite..

"Sheila* was just listening to (her husband) pray with (her daughter) to ask Jesus into her heart."

(*names have been changed to protect the guilty)

My most recent Facebook status update:

"Donna is trying to decide whether or not she wants to reconnect with High school people on FB. UGH. High school."

So that's the deal. I have someone from my high school that is asking me to be their "friend" on Facebook and join a FB group of people we graduated with. I'm just not sure I want to.

Maybe you had a much different high school experience than I did. Maybe you were the popular kid. I just wasn't.

College is a different story. Not that you can really be "popular" at a school of 40,000 undergraduates. But I certainly had a much better time in college than high school. Of course, that may have been due to the introduction of Shiner Bock into my diet.

I'm just sayin'.

At any rate, high school is just not one of those "look back wistfully on" memories of my life. It wasn't terrible by any means. I just didn't like it.

High school was difficult academically for me and my little pea-sized brain. I actually had to work at it. And socially... I was a band geek - not a cheerleader. I was a flag corps officer - not a drill team officer. I didn't have many close girlfriends. And with my tomboy upbringing, I got along better with the guys. But dating, well, let's just leave it at this: What boy on earth would want to date the daughter of a Dallas police officer? Not many.

So, why would I want to reconnect with people from a time in my life that I didn't enjoy?

I'm really struggling with this for some reason and it seems like such a silly thing to be concerned about.

It's like I don't want these people to think that I haven't moved on in life from high school stuff. But I suppose the reality is that I haven't.

I supppose I am jealous of those who look back fondly on their high school experiences. Maybe I still harbor some ill feelings and possibly even bitterness over the thought that I missed out on something.

But if I really stop and think about it, I didn't miss out on anything. The friends that I did have were good friends at the time. And we had a good time together. And obviously, the Lord is not in the business of withholding good things from His children. He gave me what must have been good for me at the time.

So, high school friends on Facebook. Confirm? Ignore? or Block?

What do you do?


Jennifer said...

Confirm and then if you must just ignore them. Then you don't seem like the "bad guy" that won't let them be your friends. LOL!

Michelle V said...

I don't know what to tell you. I grew up in a tiny farm town in the midwest and High School wasn't great for me either, but I went off to college and then moved away to Texas and my parents eventually moved here so I haven't been to my home town in many years.


Kate said...

I tried facebook...there was so much going on I couldn't keep up with it...I stuck with MySpace.
I was the in-between girl too. I don't look fondly on High School, but I enjoy seeing who people have become. I think it's a bit akward for everyone because we all move on.
I would cast my vote on the Confirm side and then laugh at the grownups who are akward now (hee hee hee...oops).

beyond this moment said...

I feel you. I love facebook but I am not certain I love all that it has brought back into my life. I don't really want reminders of the person I used to be...

Brittany said...

I haven't had any high school friends find me on FB yet. Not sure what I would do as my high school experience was almost word for word as your was. Although, I was pretty popular in that I was a cheerleader and had some boyfriends, but I was a Christian and so I didn't party w/ the other kids, have sex w/ the guys I was dating, etc. But, I got along fine w/ everyone. I grew up on a farm and was a tomboy through and through.

I certainly won't be searching anyone out from high school as I don't look back on it fondly either. I'm so glad to be away from all of that, married and a mommy. I don't miss those years. But, if someone comes looking for me....

I guess I'll blog about it like you did and see what the majority rules, but probably confirm.

Angie H said...

I'm not on FB so I can't help you there, but I was a band geek too. :o) I have some friends now that did drill team or were cheerleaders and they say they now wish they had chosen band instead. Speaking of band/ high school, I saw someone I know in one of your pictures- Hi Erin! Small world!

fmll said...

Firstly Hi - I came across your blog from a carnival and aboslutely loved it!!

For awhile there, I added everyone who contacted me from school and then suddenly ended up with over 150 people! I basically became ruthless and culled them down. If I wouldn't stop to talk to you in the street, then I won't have you on my social network!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

OH MY WORD. I just typed this MASSIVE comment and it disappeared. GRRRRRR!

To sum about 10 paragraphs up: I say do it. You are beautiful and God has blessed you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna - I agree that confirming and then staying quiet would be a good route. You don't have to engage in anything further. Thinking of how much you've likely changed, so have they. Maybe there's one person who needs to reconnect with you. Maybe even to learn something from you. Maybe it's just cooking tips, but maybe it's the Gospel.
Of course, my one hesitation would be that you should consider what info is shared on your facebook page. Even though alot of stuff is "out there" in cyberspace, do you want to direct it to this particular group as a whole?
~Lori Anne