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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Families... you gotta love 'em

We went to the annual family reunion today for my mom's side of the family. I guess to be more accurate, it's my mom's mom's family.

The Kellers. They're an interesting bunch.

Much like any family, though, I suppose.

My Nana King was the oldest of 12 children. I suppose you'd call Pa-Paw and Ma-maw Keller very, um, passionate protestants.

My mom actually has aunts and uncles close to her age and an aunt that is younger than her. So they were all having kids when she was. Many of her cousins are our age.

I gew up hanging out at the reunions iwth my mom's cousins. Their grandparents were my great-grandparents. Weird, huh?

So, here we are, my sisters and I, taking our kids to the reunion at our great (or fabulous as I like to call them) aunt and uncle's place. Part of the 131 strong Keller Clan.

And really, not much has changed since we were kids. All the kids love being out on the farm. For my son, that means tractors.

And there is usually some kind of activity that get's most everyone involved. When we were kids and teenagers, we would many times have a pick-up game of softball. This year, there was a home made slip 'n' slide which consisted of a black plastic tarp, a water hose and a bunch of soap and baby oil. Kids of all ages got in on the action...

Yes, that's my Aunt Nell. 78 years young!

Families are interesting things aren't they? Especially extended family. We get together, sometimes only once a year, talk about not a whole lot that's terribly deep... but we have a connection.

Because we're family.

And that's just the way family is.

And you gotta love 'em.


The G's said...

Cool pic of Sarah. Your Aunt Nell rocks!

bigadd said...

What a neat report on the family activities. All I can say is the pictures didn't do justice to the actual fun that everyone had. Thanks for letting the world know that there are some really neat families out there. See you next year or sooner.