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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Stuff... God Stuff.

Oh I've had a heck of a day so far, friends. A heck of a day.

But it couldn't have been for a better reason.

BSF is on Wednesdays of course. And this morning I was in the children's program. I got to hang out with the kindergartners in my friend Nicolle's class.

Super fun and a super cute group of kids, might I add.

So, the plan was to take N up to our friend Debbie's house right after BSF to let him eat lunch and take a nap while I went back and listened to the end of the lecture with the rest of the children's leaders and attended a Personal Quiet Time seminar.

STOP... slight change of plan. Thank you Lord.

The children's leader Mary Ann kind of "convinced" me to go ahead and stay to listen to lecture and then take N to Debbie's house and come back for the seminar. I should have enough time, she said.

Well, not enough time to use the bathroom, I found out.

Sometimes I'm just convinced that I need a catheter and a bag to carry around. I don't have time for this silly stuff like going to the bathroom. *huff*

Thankfully, Tonya (teaching the seminar), I'm sure after seeing me turning yellow and squirming in my seat uncontrollably, had us take a break to stretch & go to the bathroom. THANK YOU LORD!

So, it really was a good busy. There were things that I heard at the beginning of the lecture that I really needed to hear. Thank you for intersecting my life, there, Lord. It's all still banging around in my head right now, so I can't coherently post about it except to say this... it was God ordained that I not only hear the beginning of that lecture but also to attend the quiet time seminar.

Good stuff, friends.

God stuff.


Sheri said...

that's great! I love your page.

I was in BSF in Oklahome for about 4 years total.